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Augmented Reality

This cutting edge technology is here and being used by Museums, Education, Advertising, Theme Parks, just to name a few.  We have the skills to make your AR vision become reality.

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Proximity Notifications

Consumers will look at their smart phones a whole new way.  Retail Shops, Hotels, Visitor Centers, Zoos, Theme Parks are starting to adopt this new technology.

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Custom Development

There is still a large part of the country that can leverage from a custom built application that an off-the-shelf solution can’t provide. How can we help you?

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why mobile apps will become as important for companies as corporate websites

What are the reasons for this optimistic view? Here are just six reasons why we think that apps will become as important as Websites to companies.

  • smartphones

    Smartphones will increasingly replace feature phones in stores. Nearly everyone will be able to use smartphone apps.

  • possibilities

    Apps will be suitable for an increasing number of tasks which have previously been restricted to laptops or desktops.

  • app stores

    For the foreseeable future, Smartphones will always depend on the app stores. Smartphones or advanced feature phones will have easy and convenient access to the world of apps.

  • user-experience

    Apps offer a user-experience which mobile Websites or widgets are unable to provide.

  • Proximity

    For most users their phones are never further than 1 meter away 24/7. Imagine how attractive it is for companies to place their products and services so close to consumers.

  • visibility

    Companies learning how to benefit from and how to engage in this exciting new market, and won’t take long before it becomes standard business practice.


Whether you’re looking for an end-to-end mobile application development solution, an entire mobile strategy, or mobile application design, the experienced VivioSoft team will ensure you achieve your goals in the highly competitive app space. Once we understand your organization and your mobile requirements we’ll create a valuable, intuitive and enjoyable experience for your users.

The Mobile Application Design market is witnessing explosive growth, as is the demand for mobile application solutions by your customers. The result has been a corresponding explosion in iPhone & Android application development, by organization just like yours. With the ever growing trend towards mobile com­munication lifestyle and commerce, mobile technologies have taken center stage in the business world. As the business world adapts to the ever changing “on-the-go model” of communications and commercial connections, mid to large sized companies and organizations are expected to push beyond the desktop if they want to stay competitive, and globally visible to current & future customers.


The overall demand and growth rate around Web & Mobile Applications Development services, from organizations of all sizes is at an all time high, with zero signs of slowing. The demand for touch devices are skyrocketing – by way of the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Mobile, and Windows 8 – entrance into the market, as well as the demand for Web & Mobile Application Development is equally skyrocketing. Touch laptops and monitors are more affordable than ever for consumers,


  • you come first

    To always maintain our clients as our first priority

  • exceed expectations

    To consistently comprehend, fulfill and exceed clients’ requirements

  • communicate

    To communicate with clients throughout entire process

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the right choice

VivioSoft, LLC provides the services of professionally orchestrated and developed Internet & Website related technologies to businesses, non-profits, Colleges and Universities, throughout the nation. The core services & technology which VivioSoft offers are that of Web & Mobile Application development. VivioSoft has been providing organizations with web solutions that address numerous requirements of businesses for the last 7 years.

With websites and their interactive capabilities having become virtually a necessity with regard to a business being taken seriously online; VivioSoft has taken Web & Application Development to a new level by focusing its core deliverable around that of tomorrow’s technological demands from consumers and companies – around that of Mobile and Web Application Development solutions.

We empower your business – by effectively identifying operational issues and overcoming them by utilizing custom Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development & Responsive Website Design solutions – we can ensure your organization has the tools to successfully triumph over any challenges.

VivioSoft core focuses are two-fold:


  1. The VivioSoft team operates candidly with companies & organizations, just like yours – by initially discussing and learning all the issues being witnessed against your operational norms so that we may identify internal operational pain-points and challenges that you face – in most cases on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Only after we comprehensively understand your exact situation and concerns does VivioSoft jump into action – by organizing, creating & deploying our breakthrough technologies to support your organization to be its’ utmost – while addressing all of your challenges in the process.


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